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Alrighty guys

So firstly, it was pretty foolish of me to open an rp at this time in the year, at least for me. Apparently, I’m not as free as I thought I would be, and I am unable to be as dedicated to this I would have liked to have. That being said, I really don’t want to close this rp, because it took a lot of work, despite it being so unorganized and all over the place at times. I’m not going to shut it down, but I think a hiatus would be best for this rp. I’m not sure for how long, but it’s something I’ve had to think about for a few days now. I rarely have Internet access these days (I’m moving this summer from California to Virgina. Lord help me.), and I’d hate to just shove all the responsibility on Mariah. She has a lot going on as well.
As for right now, if you would really love to continue with rping this plot together, by all means GO FOR IT. The only real difference is that it would be more like Indy rping than anything else, which is always fun.
Later though, when I do reopen and have time for everything, I would love for you to come back. You guys are all flawless, and I love you all.

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Okay so there’s a lot going down with both of your admins right now. Because of that, and because we think this RP deserves only the best, we’re going to be taking applications for one or two more co-admins just to keep things moving along. 

The application is under the cut, please keep the format we’ve provided, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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aliciastillo asked - "it really bums me out to say this, but i'm gonna have to leave the rp because of time issues :/ i'm so sorry! djafks"

Aw darling, I understand. I’m so sorry to see you go! Everyone please unfollow.

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This is really not working out like I’d like it to oh my god. I’m going to work on the roommates list when I get back in a couple hours. I’ve still got a lot of drama going on. However! I have worked the three people that weren’t included in the task list. So please re-work things accordingly there.

As for roommates, I was thinking of pairing up elite and trash for the rooms, but that would mean a few people would be roomie-less for a while until we get more trash members to counterbalance them. SO! If your character is an elite, and you’re okay with not having a roomie until we get more members, would you do me a favor and like this post so I can take that into consideration?

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Isaac & Scarlett & Rosie’s rpers:

So sorry about that. I’ll ask Mariah to add you into a group as soon as possible!

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Anonymous asked - "Are we allowed to post our bios?"

Yes! I encourage it, actually!

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itscorymonteiths asked - "I just wanted to clarify, do the characters get paid for their work? Or do they just work as part of the program? I was just a bit confused about that :)"

Oh sorry that wasn’t clarified! They will both be paid, but the elite can’t rely on their family money for other expenses. It’s soley what they’ve earned.

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Anonymous asked - "so does the elite live with the trash during the course of the program or do they still live in their own homes?"

They’ll be living together in a tiny apartment complex ror the duration of the program. We’ll be organizing roommates soon. So sorry!

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Anonymous asked - "what do you think about melanie martinez as a fc for this rp?"

She’s a cutie. I’d recommend her as part of the Trash group! (Partly because of our lack of them)

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alliegant asked - "Isaaaaaaaaaac!!!"


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